Divorced Sugar Daddy In New York Want Your Love

A 57 years old divorced Sugar Daddy in Bronx, New York, USA is interested in a long-term dating with you. He is exclusively interested in a Black or Mixed-race woman.

This Divorced Sugar Daddy In New York does not smoke but don't mind if you do. Here is how this Divorced Sugar Daddy In New York described himself and the kind of woman he is looking for.

Divorced Sugar Daddy In New York

How would you describe yourself?

How are you beautiful, I would be considered as an easy gent to talk to and as such a very good listener. I do respect all cultures, all backgrounds. I do enjoy sharing deep thoughts and will share these insights on a variety of topics. I do have a logical mindset, understand that I will feel emotions as well. I do have a quick wit and do enjoy laughing at mostly everything.

When out in a social environment I would be that unassuming gent. I work hard behind the scenes, taking care of the little things so the big things can take care of themselves, following up on details others would have lost interest in. I strive for social increase and important emotional growth when a friendship evolves into that intimate relationship. ambition does drive me.

I tend to be informative, enlightening and a pleasure to be with through meaningful conversations. I am considered a hardworking man and am usually busy. I do have a good view on life I believe in quality time and quiet moments both on a comfortable sofa or adoring your Honeypot.& appreciating the beautiful emotions such intimacy will bring.

I am looking for

Indeed beautiful and the wonderful moments we experience as you aspire to be yourself. You would be comfortable within the mainstream pop culture while being at the forefront of everything you do know. I will always be that visible presence behind you.Yet, your femininity will allow you on shedding that tear during your favorite movie.

Standing in front of that Vanity mirror and gazing at that mirror with myself behind you as your head rests on my shoulder my arms around you ..whispering baby we are in the right place our circle.

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