Blesser In Johannesburg Want An Honest Lady

Meet Hizzo a 35 years old Blesser in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. This Blesser in Johannesburg is interested in any lady within the ages of 25 - 33 years for a long-term relationship.

This Blesser in Johannesburg is single and has never been married, he is athletic built and has no children. He does not smoke but doesn't mind if you do and he never drinks.

He is a good Christian, easy going and down to earth. He loves the best things in life. This Blesser in Johannesburg is just very okay for any reasonable lady.

Hizzo is interested in a serious minded lady who is ready for a serious relationship, sincerity and humility are his utmost priority.

This Blesser in Johannesburg is looking for an honest lady, someone who is real and down to earth too just like him, he doesn't want fake and superficial ladies around him.

He is searching for a lady with a sense of style and someone who is goal oriented.

Do you think you match these descriptions? Do you think you are the perfect match for Hizzo? Then let's make it happen.

If you are interested in this Blesser in Johannesburg, all you have to do is simply to follow the guide below.

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