Blesser In Gauteng, South Africa Wants Your Number

Meet Jack, a 39 years old Blesser in Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa. Jack is interested in ladies of at least 20 years old for friendship.

Jack is white and wants only black women. This Blesser In Gauteng is currently separated and is looking to find a woman who can warm his heart once more and make him believe in love again.

Blesser In Gauteng, South Africa

This Blesser In Gauteng is athletic built, doesn't smoke but drink socially. He considers himself as the following;

▪️Adventure 🤸🏼‍♂️

▪️Spiritual Gangster

▪️Tequila shots

▪️Football (Chelsea all the way!)

▪️Most Sports.. everything basically.

▪️I love to sing in the shower!

I'm looking to meet someone creative, ambitious and not scared to speak her mind. Someone happy grabbing dinner down at the local mall, taking a weekend trip to the bush or just relaxing indoors some weekends. Think you got what it takes? Inbox me

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